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Last week was by no means devoted only to World of Warcraft. Not by a long shot.

We've made significant progress on our home improvement projects. We ripped up the carpet and underlying pad from the large front room and replaced it with a floating laminate hardwood floor. We've replaced all the baseboard trim in that room too.

We've also had a new dishwasher installed. We've arranged for a new carpet to be put into the media room. We've replaced the parquet floor in the front door entryway with tile. We've made many trips to Lowe's and had them deliver backer board and tile for the kitchen floor, stucco mix for the yard wall, and the flooring materials.

So far, so good.

Our pallets of flooring, tile, backer board, and stucco.

Front room with carpet.

Front room with wooden floor. (Blue baseboard trim not yet added.)

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