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Hallow's End
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The creativeness from World of Warcraft continues. For the past two weeks or so, the game designers have wrapped Azeroth in pumpkins and tasked innkeepers all over the place to distribute tricks and treats. Plus they added a couple seasonal, limited-time quests to the game.

Included amongst the treats are various types of candy that provide a good deal of sustenance when eaten. They also have wands that put a virtual costume on characters, and "flimsy masks" that look as goofy as the real-world plastic ones included in cheapo costume sets.

Tricks appear to be limited to transmutations into various types of critters from throughout the world. Both Myz and Gul have been a variety of beasties, from dredge strikers to mini diablos to black cats. Those changes last only half a minute or so, but they're fun.

On Friday they announced a major expansion to the game. Sounds like they're going to soon be adding all kinds of fun, nifty things to the game to keep those of us addicted to it funneling gold pieces from our wallets to theirs.

Level 70. Flying mounts. A new continent. One or two new races. A new profession. Quests, goodies, NPCs...


Sheena bobbing for apples at one of the inns around the world.

Gul in goblin costume alongside (newest) pet Sammy.

Myzythra in a flimsy female Tauren mask.

Myz at the holiday-themed-quest burning wicker man.

Tupeti used a wand to change Gul into a nice undead pirate costume.

Sheena with wings!

Gul leads Strike Force Red!

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