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Darkmoon Risen
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To the detriment of this here journal and other things, I've been playing too much World of Warcraft lately, trying to have Gul acquire enough stuff to obtain the Amulet of the Darkmoon, which became available this morning for a limited time.

What did it take to get this baby? See image below for a better cue, but here's the list:

  • 35 Vibrant Plumes

  • 12 Turtle Scale Leggings

  • 20 Glowing Scorpid Blood

  • 40 Evil Bat Eyes

  • 344 Rugged Armor Kits

This list represents a sizable fortune in the auction house. Each rugged armor kit consists of five rugged leathers, many of which are composed of six thick leathers. Each leggings takes 28 turtle scales and 14 thick leathers. Overall, this motley collection represents many beasts from throughout Azeroth. Well over 1,500 creatures died for my Amulet lust.

On the other hand, they dropped a lot of loot too, so not only did Gul pay off the 500-gold loan for the fast mount, but has plenty of cash on hand and some better gear.

Since I overdid it to make the availability window for the Amulet, I'm taking a break from WoW for a while. If you go visit the Faire, be sure to check out the new cannon, which you climb into and get shot out of!

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