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Well... I thought the bug was gone when I posted on Thursday, but it certainly was not, as it turned out. I stayed home from work again on Friday, sleeping from 6 pm on Thursday through noon on Friday. After that and throughout most of the weekend it persisted, on and off, inducing general malaise and tiredness and GI distress. Just yuck.

It now appears to be gone. I'm hoping!

Despite not feeling 100%, gaming at Larry's on Saturday turned out okay. We got a couple new games to try soon. Kelley's a little distracting, so we had Baby's First Sitter as well: the girlfriend of Shelley's writing partner's cousin. Or something like that. We know her already (she visited Kelley before she even left the hospital in August) and she has a professional infant-care background. So no worries. Her place is a little out of the way, but can't complain about the price: $0!

For those who missed them, I've back-posted entries for Halloween and Thanksgiving that include photos.

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