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After working all day building web sites I find it hard to come home and craft one for baby, despite the demand from family and friends. We've been taking photos and video, although probably not enough, and just leaving the images on the camera, or even on the hard disk – just not posting them on Kelley's page.

So... without futher ado, let me announce the new, created with my new favorite authoring tool: ShutterBug. This $34 Macintosh-based application lets me drag and drop large numbers of images into a display area, where I can arrange them and caption them, etc.

It then builds photo albums from the pictures according to my preferences, and exports the whole kit and kaboodle to a series of web pages, resizing the original images to convenient web-optimized dimensions as it does so. I then simply move the files to the web server, and there we are.

Further, you can click the thumbnails to see larger images, watch a slideshow, etc. I haven't added captions to the images as of this point, so they've defaulted to the file names, in case you want to order a copy suitable for framing.

I'll work on getting some video up during the holidays. Shelley recently won a new camera, so I'll show her how to dump photos into the ShutterBug folder so that we can work together to keep up to date.

Enjoy all the new photos, you baby lovers!

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