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Thanks, Santa and Elves!
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Baby seems to have enjoyed her first Christmas a great deal. Or at least drooling on the piles of gifts she received from people throughout the country. Her pile easily overtopped mine and Shelley's combined!

Santa left me a rather outstanding set of luggage. Anyone who confuses my new bags with their own is likely to be someone I'll want to meet. Santa brought a soda(water) maker for Shelley, so no more lugging home tons of bubbly now that we can make our own. She can add whatever amount of fizz is desired, which is convenient. I want to see about making carbonated milk. Sound good? I thought so.

Shelley also got a plane ticket and proxy for a night out on the town (dinner and two tickets to a show/musical/performance of her choosing), plus the latest Honor Harrington book and Serenity DVD. Santa also brought me some nice silk pants and shirts and Enya's newest CD and a couple of books I've been wanting. We also received gifts cards for Home Depot and Lowe's, which fit our diabolical yard remodelling plans perfectly. Thanks, everyone!

Like a babe in Toyland....

Confuse this? I think not!

The instructions say not to carbonate anything but water. Shelley won't let me try milk anyway. Guess I'll have to ask for my own next year.

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