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In the distance to the north we're watching brilliant greenish-bluish flashes of light that illuminate a good chunk of sky. It's probably large surges of electricity going where they shouldn't. We having serious pulsing lights in the house at the moment, although our UPSs are not triggering. Very strange.

It's 3:00 am.

Baby woke up about 2:30, and Shelley noticed that our recycle bin had blown over, throwing glass bottles, cans, paper, and what-all down the street for half a block. We went out and collected it all just as a police car drove by on patrol. Only our bin and one other neighbor's had blown over on our street, by some freak of nature.

With regard to those flares of light, they seemed closer than they apparently are. I drove down to get a fix and phone them in, but I could not see them down at the corner intersection. It now looks like they may be out near the 210 freeway; maybe their's a power substation over there.

The road down to the corner is just littered with vegetation, rain gutters, signs, trash, and trash bins. The corner store's huge roadside sign lies shattered in numerous pieces, shards both large and small, over the road and their parking lot. They'll be bumming in the morning.

We're still watching the flares. They are compellingly beautiful whatever their cause. Kind of like the aurora. None of the news channels, nor the CHP web site have anything to say about this windstorm, but come morning I expect news.

And to be rather tired.

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