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Baby caught her first cold last week. Daycare doesn't want her in that case, so Shelley stayed home with her on Thursday and I did on Friday. Baby promptly passed her cold on to me, so I've the sniffles and sort throat now. She's back in daycare now, though, happy as usual.

My work iMac died last Tuesday. Macs do hate me. It's enough to drive a person back to Windows boxes (never had one fail, even though I buy the cheap eMachines in many cases). Every Mac I've had has suffered a serious motherboard problem, sometimes two. In this case, bulging bad capaictors caused the grief. Apparently a number of bad ones found their way to market, and various manufactorers used them, including some major Windows brands such as Dell. Thankfully the work machine was still under warranty, but my home Mac is no longer, so I fervently pray it does not include those bad components.

Car shopping continues, albeit at a faster pace, unfortunately. Our clutch gave out last night. This morning it's seriously in jeopardy and Shelley's taking it to the shop. We have a dealer or two who might be able to get us a manual in the preferred color sometime later this month, so we need to decide whether to wait, go for automatic, or take a different color. Lots of variables to weigh. We'll see what the garage has to say later today.

Oh yes, reason #28 to have a baby: "All states with HOV facilities count children and infants as passengers."

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