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Here are my favorite girls (in green for the day):

St. Patrick has to share his day with Shelley, who got a portable XM radio for her birthday this year (Delphi MyFi XM2GO). XM means that it receives its signal from a satellite, rather than from traditional local broadcasting towers. This means that we could drive across the country and never have to change the channel, which would beat listening to any number of less-than-desirable programs or DJs. Also, no commercials.

In selecting this particular portable unit, I chose the company called XM Satellite Radio (as opposed to Sirius, the other choice, which is mutually incompatible). Both companies offer a couple hundred channels covering all kinds of material and both charge similar subscription fees, but this particular make and model of receiver offered the best combination of features and price.

Shelley's tests with it have proved very successful, so it looks like a good one to have. It can record about five hours of programming on built-in memory for listening when it cannot receive a signal, or just for time-shifting programs. Quality of reception appears to be very good both in the car and in house, although she's not yet tried it in jogger mode. We may do that in a couple weeks on a camping trip.

Today was Baby's first Mommy's Birthday too!

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