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The other night, after stainged glass class, I had to stop at Target for baby wipes. While there, I found a bit of baby clothing I couldn't pass up. Apparently I've been infected as much as Mommy when it comes to cute baby stuff.

I do have to admit that this whole baby thing is better than I anticipated. Enjoyable, even.

Baby has her own keyboard now. Some time ago I bought a small-footprint keyboard for my Windows machine, but it turned out to be too cramped so it's been in storage for a while. I dug it out and gave it to Kelley to pound on while she's on my knee and I'm at the computer – much better than her wailing away on the one I'm trying to use, and she seems to enjoy helping this way as much as with the real thing.

This weeked saw baby's first trip to REI (not counting while in utero) to help pick out a baby backpack for our upcoming camping trip and England adventure. We tried a couple different models, found one that suited well, and brought it home. This one even has a pouch for a camelback water bag and tube, so should prove quite useful. It has a fold-out stand, too, so that baby sits in the pack on the group before and after putting it on the back, plus it has a mirror on a string for checking how she's doing.

Despite having the usual gang over for gaming on Saturday night (with dumplings, cake, baked apples, and trying the new Malted Milkshake Kit-Kats and Caramel Reese's Peanut Butter Cups), I couldn't resist playing my new druid character (Othilith) until 4am. Bad idea. Stupid game. But hey, she can turn into a bear now! Grrrrr!!!

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