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No Foolin'
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Didn't much feel inspired to think up any practical jokes for yesterday, and didn't find much on the web celebrating the day either. We didn't even mark Sparky's birthday with a cake or anything. She got to lick cookie batter bowl this afternoon, though.

New baby photos are up on Kelley's web site, some from February, the rest for March.

Pretty routine weekend, except rain ruined my planned bike rides, so I was lazy and stayed home and played a lot of Warcraft. But it was fun, instancing with random people and enjoying many of the newly added features and enhancements.

I definitely like the small-group limitations they have decided to enforce, because they're a lot more challenging, and you can get much better loot. Instead of ho-humming through the places with large groups hoping you just get lucky against other players rolling for the same stuff you want, you have to work together much more closely and when you do succeed and you're lucky to have the big, bad boss drop the loot you seek, you get it. Gul got two pieces of his armor in one trip, which with a larger group would have been much less likely.

Daylight savings change seemed to bring out the volleyball players tonight. We had all four courts with 7-8 people on a team, and 11 women there, which is about double normal, and a much higher percentage than usual. Plus the caliber of those who showed weighed in on the heavy side, so it was a good deal of fun for a couple of hours.

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