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As mentioned previously, the World Wide Panorama shoot for the spring equinox had "Borders" as its theme. The list below covers the ones that interested me most of the 250+ submitted.

The panos appear in alphabetical order by panographer name. Once again, if you can, view them in fullscreen mode (click "open fullscreen" icon below the small pano, if there is one).

Here's my own for starters: Personal Borders

Walking the Oyster Shells Border Line: Interesting account of oyster shells.

Pyrenees Border: Awesome vistas.

Violated Borders of Planet Earth: Meteor Crater, Arizona.

She's Still a Kitten: Pano taken inside an aquarium (with kitten looking over the top).

Edge of Destruction: Aftermath of an Australian forest fire.

Colin and Jack: One of the strangest "panos" ever.

A Border of Tokyo City: High-vantage shot of city at dusk.

Multiple Borders: Clever and well-executed combination of night/day.

Elks War Memorial: Not at all clear how this one fits the theme, but put it in fullscreen mode, look up, and spin it.

Borders Between Day and Night, Between Earth and Sky: Shot on top of the roof of an Italian cathedral.

One Photo—Many Borders: Sweeping views a bit north of San Francisco.

Sign Between Life and Death?: Ski here if you dare.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Rural Ireland.

Many people chose graveyards, which is a nice interpretation of the theme, but none of them turned out to be particularly noteworthy. A number of others shot bridges or rivers that didn't stand out, in part because of the WWP's previous theme "Bridges." It's getting tougher to stand out from the crowd, that's for sure.

PS. This entry was created over a couple days, so in choosing a date/time, I had to honor the recent passing of 1:23 4/5/6.

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