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Yes, act now and get free unenrollment!

You may find this hard to believe, as I did a few weeks ago, but if you enroll at CSUN through PeopleSoft, as literally anyone off the street can do, and sign up for a class, you don't have to pay for it then.


Right. You don't actually have to pay for the class until quite some time later. What if you cannot pay for it, and decide to drop it some time later? Well, no big deal for you, but by then you might have deprived a paying student from the class by your actions.

Wouldn't it be better if that could be prevented? Can our new course enrollment process deal with that?

Why yes, it sure can! [Thunderous applause]

And it does. If someone's credit card fails, our new script actively unenrolls them from the class. Technically students do have to be enrolled into the class and have to have a student ID before they can pay for the class, so we have no way to test the credit card's validity until and unless they are enrolled. But now we can immediately remove them from the class if payment fails.

Oh, but our registration people are liking that feature! They were hesitant about the whole process until they found out it could do that. They switched over like a light bulb being turned on.

That feature makes my boss extra, extra happy. I strongly suspect she's really itching to show this off to other higher-ups here on campus as well as to other extended learning units at various CSU campuses.

I'm planning to start using it on our public web site next week.

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