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Whale of a Domain Name
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Apparently there's going to be a new top-level domain name for web sites designed explicily for mobile devices. The extension will be .mobi for these new sites.

Within moments of receiving notice of that new domain, I went and reserved one (may not get it in the end, may even cancel it before I have to pay for it in August), but by the title of this journal entry, you might guess it...

Don't know whether I'll actually do anything with it, or just hope someone wants to buy it from me (for a profit, of course), assuming I do pay for it in the end. Got a few months to decide, but seems worth reserving just in case.

This past weekend: much Warcraft instancing with various guild members, most of whom had never been to the places we went. It's fun showing the ropes to newbs :-)

Went to gaming at Larry's, played Struggle of Empires, which (as the Dutch) I lost pretty well, but not as bad as Shelley who played Spain.

No volleyball. Preparation for next weekend's QTVR conference in Charlottesville.

Fighting off *another* cold (I blame baby).

Watched "Tristan and Isolde," now must go re-read this medieval legend and find out how much they butchered it. Kind of slow, not much color, nice Viking-style boats. Too much mixing of fantasy and anachronistic elements for my taste.

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