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TiVo's great for the most part, but one of its lack of features really annoys me: why doesn't it offer the ability to enter negative keywords?

Web search engines allow one to negate keywords by prepending a dash, or negative sign, to remove unwanted results.

Why can't TiVo do this? For all its vaunted user interface design, this ability seems sadly lacking.

For example, if one wants shows related to Indiana, but not to Indiana Jones, one should be able to set keywords like this:

Indiana -Jones

The specifics don't matter as much as the capability. That is, put negative keywords in brackets or something, if the dash already has a use.

This would save a great deal of annoyance with TiVo recording unwanted shows.

Much of the above post is material I just posted on the TiVo's online supprt forum. The next-most annoying thing is that their web site does not have a formal suggestions box that I could have sent it to instead. Small chance anyone from TiVo will see my suggestion, methinks.

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