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Stuccoin' Wall
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We resumed work on our yard this long weekend, starting with application of the final coat of stucco to the surrounding wall. I mixed all the batches of the stuff, then Shelley and I both applied it, and she skillfully crafted and smoothed the part on the top of the wall.

That took only most of a day, thankfully, albeit one hard on the gluteous muscles, what with lifting and moving eight large bags of stucco mix, then applying it to low walls.

Of course we had only about half the needed stucco mix so a trip to buy and bring home four 90-pound bags was necessary. Meeplemobile didn't even bottom out on the driveway like the red buggy would have.

Thanks to our foresight, we didn't have to mix any of the stucco by hand, given that we still have the little mixer we bought in the fall. Even if we don't manage to sell it used as originally intended, it will have been worth its cost.

We now have a fairly smooth coating of light yellow stucco on all the walls. It came out very well, despite our lack of experience. We do have to let it cure for about six weeks before applying the painted stencil designs we have in mind, which gives us time to pick out some nice designs and colors.

Good riddance to the bland, grey cinder-block walls!

The far right shows completed stucco, the middle section is in progress, and the left shows the base coat.

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