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Taxi, Air Taxi!
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Starting really soon now, a Florida company's going to begin an air taxi service, using a new kind of plane that's about to become available.

A company called Eclipse Aviation has come up with this new kind of plane, called a VLJ, or very light jet. These things are designed to carry only about 4-5 people, and serve more as a taxi than anything else. Wouldn't it be fun to fly on one of those beasts?!? It think it would.

Eclipse isn't publicly owned yet, although it's another one I'd really like a piece of. I think that they'll do really well (as will the air taxi companies). I'd be willing to pay more not only for better point-to-point service, but also for my own schedule and lack of flying with everyone else.

As I understand it, these planes are about the size of a minivan inside, don't have toilets, and are permitted to fly with only one pilot. Thus, they aren't suited for very long flights, but that's much of the point.

Given their relatively low cost and ability to land on short runways, and their companies' goal to bring such flights down to the cost of commercial tickets, I think they're going to have a winning business, and quickly.

I'd certainly like to try one out. Maybe in a couple years. Stay tuned.

And if you see any yellow planes around, let me know.


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