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Baby #2
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Thought we were having another child, did you? Not that I know of! Just referring to our new kitten!

The last time we had a baby pet was... hmmm... sometime in the previous millenium! 1994 maybe (whenever we got Zero).

Sparky came to us as an adult, as did Earl Grey, Diablo, Pangur Ban, Max, and Suzie. Actually, Pangur Ban may have been a kitten when we got her, but if so, that was prior to Zero.

This new kitty, who we have named Nimitz, came from a friend of our friend who rescues cats (and sits our dogs). We chose Nimitz after the treecat character in the Honor Harrington stories that we've both read. Of course that one is named for the famous WWII admiral.

Of course, the obligatory pictures of the new family member:

He's a little skittish, but quickly getting used to his new home. He's standing up to the other pets for the most part, but it's been a tiring move.

The famous admiral also had bright blue eyes, if my brain remembers correctly.

A little braver now, checking out the goings-on in the kitchen.

Earl's not so sure about things. I like this photo, with him looking over his shoulder at the new competition and bundle of energy behind him.

He's a feisty little thing in the morning! Here he tackles an evil shoe!

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