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Life in the Undergrowth is the latest series hosted by David Attenborough, and an outstanding piece of work that uses tiny cameras to bring the life of bugs into astonishing detail. If you want to learn things about bugs and marvel at what they do and how they do it, check it out.

Last night (Thursday, about 11 pm) a wave of nausea swept over me. For the next six hours or so, I was in the bathroom about 15 times. Bad food? Flu? I don't know. But I have not vomited like that for maybe 20 years, not counting alcohol overdose a year or two ago. But SHEESH, what a terrible experience.

As a result, I spent the entire day today in bed, sleeping mostly, trying to stay very still and comfortable, drinking water and ginger ale in an effort to rehydrate and make my fever go away. It worked for the most part, but I'm pretty much still wasted from the experience.

But then Shelley came home early from work, with all the same symptoms. So I guess it was flu. Our fear now is that Kelley will catch it from us. If we're lucky she won't, and maybe she's the one that gave it to us (without having had it herself). Time will tell.

How bad was this? Bad enough that we didn't even play WoW on Friday night. Yikes. May none of you catch this bug from reading this entry.

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