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Hot and Stormy
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This morning I did take a bath, trying to get accumulated wind-blown sand and dirt out of my ears by submerging my head for a while. After that I borrowed the unprotected wifi signal from the Saturn dealer next to the hotel and downloaded the latest Kelley and Nimitz video. I'm happy that Shelley's keen to make them! The tent dried overnight in the hotel's A/C, so leaving it in the trunk for the next few days shouldn't be a problem, even with this heat wave.

Speaking of which, just standing outside a few minutes makes the sweat just start dripping off my arms and hands and running down my face. Much worse than the heat in California. Things out here on the island are much better, but still much warmer than usual. Because of no-tripod restrictions at the WW II submarine I couldn't make any panoramas of it, but decided to go inside it anyway. Frankly, even with a tripod, I'm not sure it would have been possible. Ever been inside a sub? The spaces are *extremely* tight! Actually, it might be possible, but not when the air temperature is 100 degrees - being in a black metal sub in the direct sunlight isn't exactly good working conditions for patience in setting up shots.

About dinner time on the island a *wicked* storm blew through - amazing to watch - you could see it coming across miles of open water, but its violence greatly surprised me! Much horizontal rain and wind gusts, wild waves tossing the research boat around enough to bring its hull completely out of the water as it rode them up and then down. The diving platforms broke loose too, although they don't appear to be damaged.

After that, a fantastic sunset.

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