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Based on today's news, it looks like I got out of the UK just in time. My carry-on luggage was four bottles of mead, two small cartons of chocolates, my laptop, and all my camera gear.

None of that would have been permitted under the new threats, and it may or may not have survived the trip as checked baggage.

Plus, did you see that London's airport lines are longer than 500 meters?! That's 1/2 a kilometer, or 1/3 mile!

It's so pathetic that such a small group of people can caused disruption for so many others around the world. Once again, another reason to bring back cruel AND unusual punishment.

What amazes me, though, is that apparently officials did not think people capable of using liquid explosives on airplanes. Otherwise, I would have expected them to have banned such articles long ago. It also amazes me that (until now) one could take bottles of wine etc. on planes. I mean, wouldn't a broken wine-bottle stem/neck make a nice weapon? And I had four of them.


Further, with regard to leaving the UK, I just heard that our large old cloth army tent - our big mess tent at camp - collapsed in a gale last week. Don't know whether anyone was hurt or even at camp when that happened. Guess I just missed some interesting weather in Bamburgh too!

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