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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Drill
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Picking up where we left off at the end of June, this weekend saw the completion of our second and third raised plant beds, as well as the cutting of beams for the fourth.

Although Shelley did suggest getting a bigger drill on Friday, given our frustrating experience putting holes through the timbers back in June, I actually stubbornly refused to buy a power tool. Can you believe it?

Well, I changed my mind after the frustrations continued this weekend. Our drill didn't cut it (or drill it, in this case) forcing me to constantly push down with both hands, drill, backup, repeat again and again and again, until finally it would make a hole all the way through the three timbers. It might take 15 repeats for it to happen, meanwhile torquing the timbers out of alignment (despite Shelley holding them) and getting the drill rather hot as well. Plus it just took a really long time to bore each hole.

Finally I gave in, did a quick web search to figure out what make and model to get, then drove down to Lowe's to pick it up. Bought a Consumer Reports "Best Buy" heavy-duty drill and paid for it at the self-checkout line, was home in under 30 minutes. And now — and I mean this most literally — I can drill the holes one-handed in just a few seconds. Nice toy!

The right tool for the right job, of course, rings a bell.

Otherwise the weekend was filled with baby, friends, gaming (online and off) and a trip down to the new Chinese restaurant (The Golden Garden Cafe) at the end of our road that opened on Friday, after months of teasing with "coming soon" signs in their window. Never had one within walking distance before. Their food tasted fine, but was pricey – not a cheap takeout place unfortunately.

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