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Bird Flu Strikes Florida
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Have you heard the dreadful news about the new appearance of bird flu in Florida?

That image has been floating around the 'net for a while, apparently. Not sure what genious created it, but I find it highly amusing.

Back home in our own yard, we finished all the raised beds and then bought quite a few flowers to put in them. I'll post some images soon. We also planted many seeds for herb plants, as well as some flowers, so we should end up with a nice mixture of color and fragrance, aesthetic as well as useful plants.

Saturday Larry hosted an Advanced Civilization game, rather than his usual evening fare, so we spent the entire day there (dropped Kelley off at a sitter). Shelley took first place, and I took second, and we kicked some serious butt with both of us scoring well above the next person, who scored signficantly higher than the rest of the pack.

On Sunday our WoW guild got together for Dukefest II, where we took down quite a few major bad guys out in the sands of Silithus, and much fun was had. We have about six new people in our group now, so after a period of inactivity there's almost always someone on playing these days. They keep the game interesting, and are building toward the expansion pack scheduled for this winter, so we expect to keep at it for a while.

Today marks Kelley's 51st week... it's almost Baby's First Birthday!

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