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One of the cooler things about World of Warcraft is armor sets. There are quite a few of them in the game overall but most are limited to only a few classes that can wear them. The more pieces of the set you have, the more bonuses it gives you. And the better it looks. The pieces of the set are designed to look good when worn altogether, much better than a hodge-podge of random pieces that aren't a set.

Myzythra completed her first set - finally - by obtaining the Magister's Crown from the tough end-boss called Gandling inside the Scholomance dungeon. This guy drops the head piece for each set so everyone's there to kill him, hoping their piece is the one (of about eight) that he drops. That is, the hunter wants the hunter head piece, the warrior wants his, etc. It can take many times of taking him down before you get your set piece because he drops only one each time, and it's random which he has.

If I knew how to play this game better sooner, Myz would have been trying to get her set long ago. Be that as it may, she now has all 8 of 8 pieces in the set (head, shoulders, wrists, hands, chest, waist, legs, feet), and they look splendiferous!

Now it's time to upgrade!

This set is a special one: it's the lowest special class-set, which means each of its components can be upgraded. Myz now has to do eight quests to convert each of these set pieces into better ones. Of course those will look even better - all blue and purple instead of red and gold. Some of those quests are quite hard so it may be some time before Myzzie's completely changed into something more comfortable.

Myzythra wearing the Magister's Regalia in Scholomance

Myz's character panel showing typical adventuring gear.

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