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LAN Party of Seven
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Yesteday a bunch of people that we play WoW with came over for pot-luck brunch and a LAN party. This included two people we'd never met before - friends of Jenn - so it was nice to put a face to their online names.

One person had to leave early but the rest of us closed ranks in our office and carried on with the virtual adventuring. Everyone being together makes such things easier because instead of having to type out all communications we can all just speak to each other. Things run more smoothly and it's simply more fun.

We have another such party planned for New Year's Eve. Shelley's going to make a turkey and we'll have nine people over then. Quite the crowd. We may try to run a co-axial cable from the office out to the front room for more space.

And then we'll have about two weeks before the big event: release of the expansion pack. We're all looking forward to it. Maybe it would be good to have yet another party for its debut and we can all explore it together at the same time and share the experience like it was back in January, 2005.

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