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Realized the morning that I have not been out of the house in a week. Except for walking the dogs down the street and back up I've been a recluse. Don't mind it, didn't even notice.

Spent the last week playing a little bit of WoW in the mornings, then quite a bit in the evenings. In between most of the time has gone into making Shoals panoramas or mundane things like bookkeeping and selling some loser stocks we've had for a while to offset a portion of our Google gains made last February when we sold them at 300% for a substantial deposit on the new car.

Cleaning out a cabinet today we found Shelley's old film camera with a partly used film canister in it. The camera appears to have stopped working so we're sending in the film to see what it has on it. We cannot even recall the last time we shot film so it's probably pre-Kelley.

Baby's very happy this morning. She's slept well all week, even through a thunderstorm that had the dogs all in a tizzy and a-barking through the house. Today she's playing with bubbles and crayons, and a sheet of corrugated cardboard that came with Shelley's new wine shipment.

Off to gaming at Larry's tonight and a sizeable LAN party tomorrow.

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