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Despite having to take the game offline for two days and deal with all that stuff resulting from the ISP's actions, it actually ended better than expected yesterday for a different reason.

While waiting for my huge database file to download, I jumped on WoW and found a pick-up group going to the dungeon that my main character frequents in hopes of the dragonkin living there dropping a particular piece of armor to make a set.

After umpteen times adventuring there, last night turned lucky and now Gul has some great new armor. Very sweet. It's okay by me if we don't ever have to go back to that place.

And in other news...

We were supposed to get snow late last week. SNOW I tell you! That would have been great. Instead, the rain missed us, leaving us with just record cold temps here. We recorded 28 at our place. Brrr. It's still sunny southern California - sun's been out all these days - but that don't make it warm at night. Brrr.

PS. Shelley makes quite a nice tart. Ask her about that some time.

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