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Shoals Indecisions
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Not sure where the time is going. Yikes!

Not much into WoW. A fair amount into Shoals panoramas I guess.

Despite the fact that most of them are pretty good, I want them to be better. At least half of them have needed touch-ups for one reason or another.

The biggest problems are:

1) The ocean's horizon not lining up across all frames.
2) Seams in the water.
3) Boards or planks not matching.
4) Problems with boats or other floating objects having moved.

I like to tell myself that I've put this project off so long because of this busy work with the images, but that's not really true. The problem is that I can't decide what to do with the panoramas in the end.

The original plan was to publish them in high-resolution on CD-ROM and sell them via the Shoals store, and put low-res ones on the Shoals web site.

To my mind, that plan kind of falls down now, with the ever-increasing availability and actual use of broadband in the home, nevermind dorm rooms or on college campuses. Ergo, I don't really see people buying them on CD-ROM because they would expect them to be on the Web. If the big panoramas were available only on CD-ROM, *I* would think it rather lame. If that's my case, I can expect no less from others.

Further, producing a product like that takes a lot of time and energy now and frankly it's not something I find myself caring about. I'd prefer to just give the high-res versions to Shoals for their web site and be done with it.

On the other hand, it might be a workable compromise to put the high-res copies on my own site, along with some Google AdSense links to generate some revenue. That way I don't have to develop the CD-ROM, but still might be able to make something for my efforts.

I don't know. These decisions don't like me. :-(

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