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Not a Good Example
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It's come to light today that the governor of New Jersey's vehicle exceeded 90 mph shortly before it ended up as so much scrap.

So now we have a state trooper driving down the highway at 91 mph, while allowing his front-seat passenger to not wear a seatbelt even though it's required by law.

A fine example the two of them set.

Maybe they'll think about that in their hospital beds. I hope so. They should be grateful they have the chance to.

That shooting at VA Tech has had me rather distracted for the past two days. It's so easy to imagine that happening on my campus, because of the context this time. It's less real for me when it happens in a mall or office building, environments I don't frequent. But being on (and having been on) college campuses the vast majority of my days for the past 23 years, it's rather more disturbing.

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