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Summer's Here
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A couple days of record heat; a big brush fire over in Hollywood. Looks like summer's here early, and we're still about a whole foot short of normal rainfall for the year.

Still not sure what's happening archaeolgy-wise.

We did decide that Shelley and Kelley won't be going abroad because of 1) the cost (Kelley has to have her own seat which is rather expensive); 2) Kelley's too old to sit still or sleep for that long of a flight but too young to stay entertained long enough with anything such as a video; 3) Kelley's so fun and distracting that we'd miss out on what there is to see and do abroad, so why spend all that money and effort going overseas if we can't experience it; 4) her mid-day naps would put quite a crimp in most activities.

But I may still go dig, if I can find an interesting project that's not too expensive. Returning to Bamburgh's ruled out simply because I want to do something different, plus it's a bit on the expensive side. Going back to York on a new project area in the city will be more interesting to me after they've dug down a season or two rather than this their first year.

I had written to the Iceland project about joining them because they're digging a Viking house and I know they'd be a fun crew, however they've said twice that they don't know whether they have space, and I've been on hold with them to the frustration point now: I'd need to nail down dates and get a flight, one way or the other.

Today I looked around a little more and found a couple potentially interesting projects. One's looking at a medieval bishop's palace in mid-east Scotland, near Aberdeen. Another's investigatng a medieval site in Wales, which I've never visited. I'd take either of these for location and subject matter, despite the U.K. plane fare and terrible money exchange rate at the moment. A third possible project's in Ecuador; I know the guy running it and the flight's not bad and they use US dollars there too, so although the archaeology itself isn't as interesting, the project looks decent overall.

Now that I've written to the Scottish and Welsh people maybe karma will bring a final answer one way or the other for Iceland. Stay tuned.

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