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From Dentist to Donuts
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We had our annual teeth cleaning yesterday. Got our choppers all scraped, flossed, pasted, leaving us all spic-n-span in the mouth area.

To celebrate we stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home!

So there, Mr. Dentist!

In truth, that donut stop was mostly to get over the bad news that one of my molars will finally need a bit of TLC at the next visit.

It's not really my first cavity per se, just one of grooves in a back tooth has eroded a little too deep so they want to apply a blocking layer to it - some kind of capping material that bonds to the tooth and prevents it becoming a cavity or needing serious attention. Sounds good to me.

Kelley's going to accompany us next time, just to watch. Apparently the experience usually serves well for when she will actually see the dentist for the first time herself.

Sadly, not much to be done in that respect with regard to visiting a barber. She's going to have to be brave about that one. We're currently accepting wagers on whether the barber will precede the dentist or vice-versa.

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