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sighPhone or highPhone?
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In about 18 hours, in this time zone, Apple's releasing the iPhone. I'm tempted to go over to the local Apple store and see how many people have lined up there to get one. The media frenzy around this product astounds me. So many different spins on it, good, bad, and otherwise. Apple stocks have roller-coasted the past two weeks on every little rumor and factoid related to the phone. Next week should prove even more entertaining, or maybe disheartening, or best of all, enriching.

Although I'd like to see one of these gadgets, I definitely don't want one of my own, at least if I have to pay for it. With a two-year contract costing $60-$90 a month for service, on top of the phone price, and its slow network speed over a cell connection (as opposed to wi-fi), I can live without it. I've never even bought an iPod, nor a PDA of any sort, and don't plan to. Plus I never buy first-gen products any how. I'll think up something else for Santa to bring.

But I'm all for other people buying things from Apple. Even Paul, that infamous certified (certifiable?) Microsoft dude, has become a switcher. (Welcome to Mac OS, btw!)

So let's see how the public reacts to iPhones when they get their grubby paws on them. If good, we have the highPhone, and if not, the sighPhone.

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