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A Moment of Panic
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Kelley gave us quite a scare after a very nice time at the beach today.

We had just finished loading her and the dogs and all the other gear into the car when suddenly we heard all the door locks click shut, realizing simultaneously that none of the car doors were open and that she had the only key for the car – and had just locked all the doors!

There she sat in her car seat, happily pressing buttons on the key fob (mostly just the "lock" one repeatedly). Panic was just starting to set in when thankfully she pressed "unlock" and we each grabbed a door and yanked it open. Presumably she pressed "unlock" by accident even though Shelley was trying to talk her into pressing various buttons. Thank all that she didn't get bored with the keys and toss them on the floor. – our dogs aren't quite smart enough to unlock the doors for us.

It's not clear how she got the keys, but man what a scare. We had no phone (it was in the car), so we would have had to borrow one from someone else on the beach and call for help I assume.

All's well that ends well, though, and our traditional pre-departure beach time before that passed most favorably. Kelley didn't like the ocean all that much – too noisy and scary – but we got her feet wet, and she did okay with some tidal pools. The dogs got their usual ball time and everybody got some fresh sea air and a bit of sun.

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