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Pole Position
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Our ultimate frisbee course is defined by four metal light poles, square metal ones about six inches in diameter, set on cement pedestals. Tall, solid things, those units are.

Poor Ed. He was sprinting down the sidelines, going deep, trying futilely to outrace me covering him. I saw the problem and yelled "watch out for the pole" but apparently he did not hear me, and I yelled again but too late.

He never did see it. Hit it at full speed, body centered. Cap and glasses flew off, Ed bounced off. Everyone else on the field heard the impact - I saw it from a foot away.

Pole: 1, Ed: 0.

They brought two firetrucks, a police car, and an ambulance to take him away. He left under his own power mostly, thankfully, albeit with a large red square welt in the middle of his abdomen, and with a banged-up knee, and possible head-knock.

I believe he'll be okay, unless the impact drove ribs into any internal organs. That seems unlikely given how centrally he hit the pole, but he did collide quite hard, so we'll have to wait and see.

We're going to use another field on campus next week. No poles there.

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