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No work for me today on Veterans day, so we had a daddy-n-daughter day. We started with toy cars, moved on to Play-Doh, and then did a number of puzzles.

At 9:30 we headed off to the Kidspace Children's Museum, which is near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. While there Kelley played for a while in the little kids' room, then we went and explored other buildings and exhibits. Most of the stuff is too big or too advanced for her, but she spent the entire afternoon napping, proving that she wasn't bored by it.

Predictably, she most liked the artificial stream and the water jets, although the latter took some getting used to. The place was fairly crowded, don't know whether the holiday made it worse than a normal Monday or not.

Kelley brushing away dirt from dinosaur bones!

And in other news...

Applied for a web developer job at Cornell. It would be a nice match. Perhaps we will move back to Ithaca sooner rather than later. This position may even pay moving expenses.

Played the Paranoia card game on Saturday, and Citadels. Not all that many seven-player games, so we tend to repeat the same things when everyone decided to come.

Skipped volleyball to play WoW, going deeper into Karazhan for the first time; got into a regular group that began its first run on Thursday. So far we have downed five bosses (out of five) on the first try. That's spectacular for a PUG. Sunday's adventure netted Myz a nice pair of pants from the Big Bad Wolf: rolled a 99 for them!

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