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5am Phone Call
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Don't you dread answering the phone when it rings at 5am?

Yesterday's fear becamse happiness when it turned out to be an automated call from CSUN: they had decided to use the campus emergency notification system to inform us not to come to work. Apparently campus lost power or could not get power from the LADWP so they told us to stay home. Yay! Snow day!

Just in case some student or potential student might not get the word and want to come to campus to register for one of our programs or classes, I immediately updated our relevant web pages to convey the message. Don't know if anyone would see it there, but if it saved a trip by one person it was worth doing.

Anyway, back at campus today, but half the campus staff were told to stay home because their buildings are still off the grid. We have our catered holiday party today, so it's good our building did not close today.

With part of my free time yesterday, I set up Kelley's train around the Christmas tree. Cleaned the track, made a tunnel out of a box, washed the train cars. Had the train running about 10 minutes straight. Nimitz attacked it only once. However, it has stopped working - not sure why - guessing a short or dirty contacts - need to figure it out.

Put the train away before Kelley got home, but left the track out figuring she would not know what it was.

Boy was I wrong!

She hasn't pressed us on where the train is (she has never seen it) but she certainly surprised me by knowing it was a "train road" in the first place.

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