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Twiddling thumbs, waiting for job offer.

The trip and interview went well. The interview itself lasted from 9am to 1pm and included lunch. I knew one of the interviewers very well, another one pretty well from SCA 15 years ago, and several others from meeting them at a conference in October, so it's like working with a stacked deck. An offer's not certain, of course, but there are two open positions and the good vibes lead me to expect one later today or on Monday after they contact references.

One unexpected aspect of the process: look at some code on a screen and talk about its efficiency and deficiencies. In front of everyone. Take your time. We'll wait.

Yikes. I kind of expected to have to analyze some code, but not in front of a committee. Still, it wasn't terrible - kind of fun actually to talk it out and learn that I had spotted something about it that no one else interviewed had seen: that it was a factorial function with no upper value bound meant that it could really kill a processor if someone passed it a very large value.

Thursday morning I caught a bus out to see a house in Etna, but after touring it we've decided to pass on it for now. There's quite a bit wrong with it for the price, and even for a much lower price. It does have a splendid view of Fall Creek and includes its own island out there, but the cons outweigh the pros by too big a margin for that aspect to sell it to us.

On the way back, a problem with a U.S. Air plane meant not leaving Ithaca on time and therefore missing the connecting flight, so instead of arriving home around 10pm it was 3am before I hit the sack. Me sleepy now.

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