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My new job will devote me about 100% to Bedework over the foreseeable future. I'm told that this is a highly politicized limelight project.

Technically, I'll be working with XML and XSLT and CSS to develop this system for use by the entire campus. At the moment I understand Bedework may or may not offer certain desired functionality: the original developers say it does, but other universities trying to make it work say it does not. We have a conference call with Duke today to learn more about their efforts. In any case, I have to make it work, either by figuring out current functionality or extending it where we need it to go.

In terms of the two open positions, mine ended up being the one working with/for the Cornell Office of Web Communications, which is headed by our friend Diane. That means that I don't have the position that works for whatever projects various colleges or departments want done, but instead work on whatever OWC wants done for main web pages. This is fine with me; either would have been, but this is my preferred role.

By the way, my reading of my new manager's web page was right: he resigned the day before I got here. I'll thus be reporting up one level to a manager named Al. The project manager for Bedework is named Dirk. Just mentioning some names in case they crop up later.

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