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One of the things that's easy to forget while living in Southern California is how the cold affects eyeglasses.

Not that I did; and before heading out here I was contemplating laser eye surgery because it always annoyed me to go from warm to cold or vice-versa and have my glasses fog up. The thing that puts me off the surgery is the fear that something would go wrong and I'd end up infected or blind. Also, at my age, I'm not sure the surgery would last very long, so it might not be beneficial all that much.

Anyhow, my glasses haven't fogged up at all!

I'm overjoyed by that. When here before I wore fairly large lenses, but now I wear pretty small ones. I assume that makes all the difference, although perhaps the material they're made of plays a role too. Regardless, the new ones don't fog, so no need for surgery or even putting up with not being able to see while the glasses warm or cool to match the environment.

Happy, happy.

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