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Oh the Irony (Part 2)
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When first arriving in LA, it can be interesting to see film crews out and about doing their thing, maybe catch a glimpse of a celebrity, etc.

It was for me too, I suppose, but after a while it can become quite annoying: freeways, roads, city blocks closed down without warning for filming. Traffic jams result, it's just annoying.

My worst was when I walked into the men's locker room one day on campus after cycling in and found it filled with a film crew!

Anyway, I thought moving to Ithaca would put that behind us, but then this message arrived today for those of us working in CCC on campus:

CCC Building Folks,

The Media Production Group of CIT will be videotaping a dramatic scene in the 2nd floor main hallways and Room 217 of CCC on Saturday, March 1. The crew will arrive at 8:30am and shooting will take place from 9:00am until complete (likely after 5:00pm).

The crew will not restrict access to any part of the building. If you are planning on being in the building, feel free to come and go as you please. But, be aware that sound recording will be taking place and the crew would like to have the floor as quiet as possible. To that end, several of the printers and copiers on the floor may be turned off at times to make things as quiet as possible. Everything will be powered back up after shooting is complete.


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