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Sadly, we are not all signed on the house offer paperwork yet.

The sellers keep adding conditions. The latest changes were that they wanted more good-faith deposit than the traditional $1000, and they wanted a recall clause added. The latter lets them force us to carry through on the offer (in a very limited time) if they receive a better offer. They're scared that our house-sale contingency will not work out for them.

This puts a lot of additional stress on us, because if the recall came and the bank still had our paperwork, then it would totally be out of our control to get it wrapped up in the limited time such a recall allows. Thus, essentially, they have forced us to remove our sale contingency and take the double mortgage.

In theory we don't have to do this, but to us paying a second mortgage would be less stressful than having the recall clause attached to the place. After all this I hope we can move forward and end up with the house and property.

The initial bankers didn't want to proceed once they found out about the additional land because their underwriters would not be able to determine its value for lack of "comps" or comparable properties. We have to skedaddle next week, then, to obtain a loan for this new place.

If we didn't like the place so much and since we don't have a back-up and a baby on the way and they want me back here we pretty much have to put up with some of this. I really, really hope the home inspection turns up nothing worth dickering about.

And in the meantime, we have decided to list the CA house with a real estate agent rather than trying to continue to sell it ourselves because that should make it go faster, and banks will likely want to see it listed that way.

In the good-news department, the Feds have increased the amounts that various agencies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FSHA can loan to people in high-price areas like ours. This helps people buy into these ludicrously high priced homes and the new limits exceed by quite a bit the value of ours where before they didn't cover its price.

Beebe Lake falls.

Ice in the bridge railing grate.

Friday-night precipitation falling on ice-coated branches.

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