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Eggs Near Trees
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On our second day of Yosemite, we decided to visit some big trees! I love 'em!

Through this whole weekend I had been searching for a good place to shoot a panorama for the latest WWP event, with the theme "Beginnings," and finally settled on a composition consisting of Kelley holding up a giant sequoia pine cone in her hand as she stood amongst the massive trees. To arrange this shot we had to visit a grove of those trees, and we chose the closest one to the park, on the way out for all of us.

We arrived at the parking lot for the grove - some two miles from the grove itself because they don't keep it snow-free in the winter - and found it full to overflowing. After some debate and hesitation we parked our cars in a nearby access road of some kind; there were no signs prohibiting it, but yet no one else had parked there, which seemed strange, given the lack of options. (Of course as soon as we did other cars filled in behind us and we did not get a ticket.)

The two-mile road to the trees turned out to be a mixture of hard-packed snow, some soft snow, and some bare pavement. Breck manfully pushed his two kids much of the way up this whole length through this mix in a side-by-side stroller, while we carried Kelley much of the way. We took frequent breaks, but would not have made it much further.

The kids played in the snow along the way; Kelley had a great deal of fun learning about snowballs too!

In the end I got my shot, Shelley hid plastic eggs for the kids to find (it's Easter Sunday), Kelley hugged some trees ("they're HUGE") and we hiked back two miles. Thankfully my idea to tie Sparky's leash around my waist resulted in a very tired black dog for the ride home.

Running with snowball in hand to throw it at Daddy.

A young tree hugger.

Two eggs in hand, one on the ground.

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