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No pranks given or received today, but as usual various clever folks put up some funny stuff on the tubes of the Interwebs for our enjoyment.

Gmail's came to light first, with their new feature allowing backdating of email messages, with the option to mark a message as read in the recipient's mailbox. Good for sending belated birthday messages and then pretending you sent it on time!

Following that came the annual ThinkGeek update, with new products including a combined video-camera/TASER for instantly creating and uploading shocking footage; a machine to convert betamax tapes to high-def DVDs; caffeinated sugary breakfast cereal (for kids); the Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock for your door; and others.

Third, we have a new combined venture between Google and Virgin Galactic to settle Mars: Virgle. They did a good job of laying out the project aims and goals and even have the heads of those companies on video talking about them, as well as application materials.

And last but not least, Blizzard announced the new World of Warcraft class (Bard) and a new console game (The Molten Core).

The former's especially apropos because Blizzard and the company that make Guitar Hero just merged, and this web page shows how the two games are being combined.

For the latter, they have a great product demo showing the game - for the Atari 2600 (circa 1978)! In this demo they take today's method of calling out the bragging features of the game, and one of the phrases they use is "Has Sound" before assaulting your ears with the long-unheard ping-and-pong noises from 30-year-old machines.

Well done all.

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