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Our new "toy" came today. It's called Time Capsule. It's made by Apple, and it's really slick.

It's a back-up drive for our desktop Macs. But there ain't no muss, and there ain't no fuss. There ain't even any cables.

It backs up computers wirelessly. It's amazingly easy to use. Plug it in, run a little program on the desktop machine to find it, and then let the automatic back-up program do its thing.

At the moment it's sitting there backing up both of our desktops simultaneously. And it will continue to do so every hour for as long as we want. If we want to take it off site, we just unplug it and take it, then when we plug it back in the whole system picks up where it left off with continual backups.

And it holds a terabyte. That's 1,000 gigabytes. It should last us a while and provide peace of mind when we take everything across the country. The desktops will go with the main load, this thing with us - we don't have space to take the larger machines in the car, so this will preserve everything in case of disaster.

This is a far better solution than the current set of four cabled hard-drives we have been using to keep things backed up. For one, they barely contain enough space for all the files, and they all have to be plugged in and sitting on the desk in the way.

The Time Capsule shows off Apple's forte: simple, easy, and elegant. (It works with Windows too.)

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