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I loathe waste, whether it be of time, energy, or matter.

Our looming trans-continental move will be costly enough as-is for our "required" stuff that we don't want to take things that don't make economic sense, such as an old wheelbarrow, a set of five folding metal chairs, or lead dive weights. Given that we pay by size of load as well as weight, it makes most sense to get rid of big and/or heavy items, as well as stuff we just don't use any more.

Someone clever decided to harness the power of the Interwebnet to reduce waste; they call their scheme Freecycle. This is the perfect solution to reducing waste. It's free, of course; just post what you have and where to come and get it, and it goes away, to someone who will use it rather than to a landfill. Nice.

Gone are the lead diving weights and the rather weathered wheelbarrow (got a nasty sliver in the finger helping load it into a car trunk... which is a big reason it went away). Gone now, too, are some folding metal chairs. The person who wanted them simply said they had meetings at their place and they would be useful.

I didn't know what kind of meetings until they showed up to take them away. Turns out it's the Barony of Altavia, the local SCA group. That's cool. Couldn't have deliberately picked a better home for them.

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