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Baby's First Hide-and-Seek
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We have the house shuttered up today, and the a/c on, for it's hot outside and we want to stay cool.

Before naptime we taught Kelley how to play hide and seek. What a blast! Of course we helped her quite a bit in both hiding and seeking, but we all had fun.

When it came time for her to seek, she would always go check the places we had hidden before, which was funny. One of the most amusing things happened when Shelley was hiding and Kelley and I were trying to find her.

I suggested that we look under the bed. I knew it was too low for Shelley to get under - fat baby belley! - and there are some things stored under there, so I just glanced there and so did Kelley. I said nope, Mommy's not under there, but then Kelley said "there she is!" and pointed under...

It turns out that Shelley had actually crouched down on the other side of the bed and I had not seen her, but Kelley did glimpse her through gaps in the stuff under the bed and saw her hiding spot. Good eyes, that one! I was totally surprised, of course, and Shelley cracked up.

Kelley, however, does not hide well at all! She giggles and when you call out "where's Kelley?" she sings out "here I am!" and makes it pretty easy to find her. Of course we taught her to do that, so that we can easily track her when things get too quiet. Having her hide on her own, she picks the same spot: a large cardboard box - her cave - that she's been enjoying recently.

She's going to have a lot of caves in about three weeks!

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