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Bye, Bye Beach
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We took ourselves out to our favorite beach during our open house today. A great outing! I will be somewhat sad to have it no longer, however all the trade-offs will be worth it. In Ithaca we can go to the lake or any number of waterfalls and streams or perhaps even our very own ponds if we want to enjoy a water-side experience. And we won't have to drive an hour each way on four-lane highways to do it.

Kelley enjoyed the waves this time more than she ever has in the past, and we had a nice breezy day that was not too cold. I didn't get many photos because she spent so much time holding hands with me in the water and I liked it too much to let go. It was a splendid way to wrap up our time here.

In the evening we started packing everything we have had out for staging and the house looks a lot emptier than it did yesterday. We've given a bunch of things away on Freecycle and will be ready for the movers on Friday. Kelley will be in daycare that day so she won't have the trauma of seeing all her things carried away by strangers.

Kelley had a blast in surf today!

Bye, bye Beach!

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