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Anyone out there looking for a little diversion: try Travian, a free little web-based game that resembles the famous computer game Civilization quite a bit at least on the surface.

Shelley and I have joined server 6, northwest, if you care to come and keep us company. The first few actions you take go quickly, but as you build up your village actions take longer and longer (as does accumulation of resources) so the game becomes one where you check in and take actions a couple times a day.

This gem of a game has been running for three years or so and boasts 100,000+ players. We've not been on long enough to have interactions yet, as we build our villages, and we're still in the two-week non-attack safety period, but so far so good.

How'd we find this? My project manager told me to check it out. He and a couple other guys in the office play. Can't refuse a directive like that, eh?

The Travian village of Townville, home to my Gauls.
(Server 6, northwest, -147 x 269)

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