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Closing Day
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We drove from Cleveland to Trumansburg yesterday, winding up the day by having a good dinner at The Pourhouse with Bob and Helen and Adam (and then staying the night with them).

Shelley had decided she did not want to see the new place until I carried her over the threshold into it, so I did the final walk-through with just our agent this morning.


The sellers have done everything we requested (replace a couple windows, fix roof nails, finish painting the exterior, etc.) except one: move out!

They've still got more than a ton of stuff to move, although the upstairs rooms have been vacated.

Looks like we won't be spending our first night in the new place: they're still there packing and cleaning.

Oh well. Thanks again to Bob and Helen and Adam for sharing their place with us.

We had been warned yesterday that the sellers wouldn't be ready to leave quite yet. The closing itself was not attended by either the sellers or their lawyers, so there was no way to effect any kind of penalty for them not leaving. Conveniently they have no phone at the house, so not even their own lawyer cannot reach them to talk terms.

We're somewhat sad, a little pissed off, and a bit concerned that the moving company might charge us about $3000 a day if they cannot off-load. (That price is actual, not an exaggeration: it's a set fee for the actual weight they have to hold per day.) We decided to close regardless, because we like the place too much and have no back-up plan.

But trust me, had we any viable alternatives and a moving truck not on the way, I would have preferred to just walk away in return for their apparent inability to plan and execute their own move (despite promises and emails saying they'd be out by the 11th).

To top off our angst, we find out that a money transfer from our savings bank did not go through to our checking bank, so we don't have most of the down payment ready. Immediately upon finding this out we used the real estate agent's computer to investigate and discover that I mistakenly tried to move the money the wrong direction. Thankfully the lawyer took what we did have and the rest will come through on Monday.

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