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I've just posted a number of back-dated journal entries about our move, but have decided to catch up the rest of the time here.

We spent the first night in the new house on Saturday, the 17th. The sellers were still here. They've been here on and off over the the course of last week, pulling two all-nighters to pack their crap. Even Shelley called them pathetic.

Despite the fact that we gave them a metric buttload of cash for this place, they're too cheap to hire trucks and movers, for the most part (they did have two large U-Haul trucks for a short period).

They showed up yesterday evening once again, this time lamely saying they could not finish up because her father's truck and trailer were not available until next Tuesday. They took down the electric fence and moved some junk around to consolidate the piles, then took off.

It's easy to get pissed at them when they're not here, but when they show their faces they're all polite and wrong-admitting that it's hard for us to be mean. When they're here packing and moving they are quiet and unintrusive and there's no hostility from their part. They're apparently just rather bad at planning how much work it takes to move and then do it.

The view from our house the first morning we awoke there; the pine tree on the right died today, so it no longer obstructs our view.

Our new house; the tree in the center, which we pruned back today, hides the wall of glass doors facing west.

Nimitz and Earl Grey check out the master suite's tub.

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